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What is YF Synergy Token?

YF Synergy Token is a subscription-based ERC-20 token. Using YFSG, you can buy subscriptions into different profit-based synergy pools, which offer you a certain percentage of the profit in a month. Every pool is separate and provides a different profit percentage.

  • Hands Free Profits
    We have launched the network-based cryptocurrency that will help build us expand our network of bots. In exchange for a subscription fee, investors can participate in profit sharing from our bot network to make hands free profit margins without any trading knowledge.
  • 20% Per Month GUARANTEED
    In our Genesis Pool, subscribers will generate 20% monthly payout for 24 months, offering huge growth & stability through a constant APY% for 2 years. These returns are fully backed by team and are NOT contingent in any way on the performance or profitability of the trading bot network.
  • Bots Are The Future
    Our bots are programmed to overcome all market indecisions; we use technical indicators and concepts to make proper decisions and trade without any emotions or greed. The algorithms have been battle-tested and proven to deliver consistent profits on a monthly basis.

Genesis Pool

We have launched our Genesis Pool & subscriptions are officially available for purchase!

To purchase your subscription please send your YFSG tokens to the pool address. Subscriptions may only be purchased in YFSG, s please send only YFSG tokens to the pool address!

The current method of purchasing the subscription is very simple. The transaction is logged and a database is created with all subscribers, noting investment amount in YFSG, USD calculated equivalent, wallet address, subscription start date & subscription expiration date. On the 5th day of each month, dividends will be paid to the subscribers in the Genesis pool. The first dividend will be distributed on November 5th, 2020. The first month's payment for every investor will always be prorated using this formula:

#days invested/30 * 20%

The team wants to thank our early supporters and provide an incentive for those willing to believe in us to be our early subscribers. For the initial 48 hours of launching the Genesis pool, we are offering a substantial bonus for subscription purchasers! For a limited time (FIRST 48 HOURS ONLY), tokens used to purchase subscriptions to the Genesis Pool will be valued at $80 MINIMUM, regardless of current market value!

For 48 hours only, your subscription for each YFSG will be valued at the higher of either $80 or the daily average market price of YFSG + $5. After the first 48 hours, the initial investment amount will be calculated using daily average price + $5.

Note: Average Daily Price is calculated as (Sum of 4 median hourly closes) / 4.


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